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» 1.3 Spoilers: Enhancing the User Interface
Posted by: Panther - 01-28-2015 01:48 PM - Replies (7)

Cross post from http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/ne...ce.182685/ at Terraria.org

Kane Wrote:Some new 1.3 Spoilers that was posted yesterday!

Greetings everyone!

All of us on the Terraria development team hope and trust that each of you had a pleasant a restful holiday season. While we took some time to spend with friends and family as well, we have also been hard at work on the 1.3 update. It is our desire that 1.3 live up to everyone's expectations and leave an epic, lasting impact on the game.

It's been a while since we shared some substantial spoilers - so to make up for that gap, you will find a larger-than-usual list of stuff from 1.3 to whet your appetite. Hope you enjoy them!

One of our areas of focus with Terraria 1.3 is an interface upgrade. Clearly, this is a core part of the game experience with which players will constantly interact - so we have taken great care to make the interface more clear, pleasing to the eye, and to enhance it's level of interactivity. Below are a few examples of these efforts:

[Image: kdcROYP.png]

Player Interface Upgrades - Icons & Text

[Image: SmOStwG.gif]

We have upgraded how icons appear/work: things in your inventory will now have their edges lighten up once the cursor is over them.

In addition, a lot of buttons such as reforging, opening the crafting grid, PVP, and teams got a visual update -we even added a 5th pink team!

[Image: O0eWqZM.png]

We also noted that a lot of in-game text is currently hard to read due to how it blends in with the backgrounds - so we've gone on a bordering spree and are making sure everything has the right amount of clarity and contrast to it is easier to to view and read (even item stack amounts).

(Please Note: This is a work in process and may not reflect the final version.)

[Image: divider.png]

Player Interface Upgrades - Inventory & Shopping

[Image: 8ydF3pE.gif]

On the interactivity end of the spectrum, we have made great strides. In an earlier spoiler Cenx showed everyone you can now link items in chat - but that is merely the beginning of the changes we have made!

Items in your inventory can now be "favorited". When you "favorite" an item, you will not be able to accidentally throw, trash sell or stack it into a chest!

To further help streamline inventory management, you can now quick stack items to all nearby chests. This feature will place items in chests that already have stacks started for certain items. (If you do not have a stack started you will need to manually open the chests.)

[Image: x7Jho61.png]

We also realized that shopping in Terraria could be improved. With 1.3, when paying for goods from NPCs, you can now see the money contained in your piggy bank or safe, and use your savings to pay! (no more running back and forth from your bank)

We even upgraded crafting to take advantage of these improvements - you will be able to craft from an open chest (including the piggy bank and safe)! To further enhance this feature, chests now show as open when they're in use, so you can tell which is which.

[Image: divider.png]

Player Interface Upgrades - Maps, Data, & Screenshots

We have also taken the time to augment how information is displayed to the player by making all the accessories that provide data (time/depth, and so on) work by simply sitting in your inventory. In addition, we added a bunch more of these - such as items which display the weather, moonphase, DPS, and more!

The information items you have will also share their effects with any nearby player, but you can easily hide information from your screen when it interrupts you!

[Image: gGo6Pyz.png]

[Image: fFJ5BAS.jpg]

We have also added a new method for taking screen shots within the game. When you enable our new Screen Capture mode, you will be able to take larger scale pictures of your worlds and builds rather than using the old method of taking many smaller pictures and piecing them together!

(Thank you to all of our amazing testers involved in this build!)

[Image: o6tbG4b.png]

Further additions include the map marking the last spot where you've died and being able to see text inside signs when you hover your cursor over them from a distance...plus a few other details that I'll leave hidden for now. Wink

[Image: kdcROYP.png]

On behalf of the entire Terraria dev team, I hope you enjoy these spoilers and that they continue to keep you hyped and excited for Terraria 1.3!

Source: Terraria.org

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» New Invasions
Posted by: Panther - 01-18-2015 05:33 PM - Replies (5)

I finnaly got around to adding the Frost moon invasion and a Twins invasion

They're also summonable with the /vipinvasion command

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» Updates
Posted by: Panther - 01-05-2015 11:46 AM - Replies (12)

So, I've updated some plugins recently, this should help with server stability and overall performance.

Some things you will notice is the Boss invasions, they're slightly shorter, different, faster and much more frequent.

Also, new commands for VIPs /vipinvasion lets the player summon these events around themselves.

I also have some more updates coming, related to spawning monsters.

Please report any issues

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» Map Reset
Posted by: Panther - 01-03-2015 01:45 PM - Replies (7)

Since I've been on holiday, I haven't had a chance to do the map reset for Jan.

This is just a heads up to say it will probably happen tomorrow, the 4th of Jan.

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» VIP Vote Winners
Posted by: Panther - 01-03-2015 01:39 PM - Replies (12)

Hey Guys,

Sorry this is late, but I'm back from holidays now.

This month we had several voters with the full 31 votes, thats amazing.

However, only 3 will claim the VIP titles.

I've taken the names of everyone with 31 votes and put them into a hat, the following players have won Gold, Silver and Copper VIP ranks and can message me the following details:

Forum Username:
In Game Username:
Desired Custom Rank Prefix (Copper/Silver/Gold Class): <Rank Name>
Desired Custom Rank Colour (Gold Class): 255,255,255 (R,G,B - Click here)

Gold Rank Winner: Knuffeldraak
Silver Rank Winner: MLGSweg
Copper Rank Winner: Snuggles

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» Christmas Break
Posted by: Panther - 12-18-2014 01:22 PM - Replies (8)

Hey Guys,

Just letting you all know that I'm away on Holiday until the new year, so I won't be around as much and the map reset for the end of December probably won't happen until a little later into January.

I wish you all a happy holidays



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» Congratz to the Winners of the Monthly Top Voters contest
Posted by: Panther - 12-01-2014 09:19 AM - Replies (21)

The map's already been reset, and now the winners of the VIP ranks are in.

This list of auto calculated, so even though we had 3 voters with the full 30 votes this month, the winners are as per the list.

To anyone who missed out Sad Sorry, but good luck next time

The winners can PM me to request a rank name change if they want.
[Image: Lu1UkhV.png]

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» Sooooooon (1.3 Teaser)
Posted by: Panther - 11-26-2014 10:21 AM - Replies (20)

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» Weekend Special Event? Rewards?
Posted by: Panther - 11-18-2014 09:45 AM - Replies (9)

So I'm thinking of hosting some kind of event this weekend and maybe having some prizes up for grabs, the only problem is I don't know what kind of event we should have...

If you guys have any ideas of what kind of special event/competition we should have and/or what kind of prizes would be interesting for everyone, let me know and I'll see what I can put together.

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» Shop Changes
Posted by: Panther - 11-16-2014 06:30 PM - Replies (1)

Today I finally got around to making some shop changes.

All items of rarity level 7 or higher have been removed from the shop, as they are end game items and were simply to easy to obtain.

This change is to bring back a little more of the RPG feeling of the game, requiring people to farm a little to get those end game items again.

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