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Im back after 4 years!
Under the IGNs of deremk210 and HULKSMASH when i was 11, i gained some serious popularity back in late 2014, early 2015. I made friends, made enemies, and we all had a good time. I even remember having a spell command fight with iAtlantis back then (I always lost XD). Then, i was in a car crash. I still played till march or may 2015, but as my rep and points show, i went a bit hostile and nosy. I went through 2 years of rehab, and im back. I have fully recovered and am back to where I was before. I will start playing under the username DY_ in the server. And i got a quick peek of the server, its SO different than 4 years ago. Well, seeya round! I hope to gain my reputation back as the "master gambler"!

Also, any tips i should know before playing? For me its like grandparents upgrading to a smartphone   Big Grin

shouldve died in that car crash
[Image: kEmLf7x.gif]

P.S Welcome back deremk
[Image: Unknown.jpeg]

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