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Monster Girl Calamity (Terraria Calamity x MGQ x Super Mario Bros)
Plumber's Log 89: After when Luka defeated the despeakible illas, a new era a peace was formed for human and monsterkind. That was all changed when me and Luigi investigated Bowser Koopa's castle. That Slimey Koopa's military base was completely empty, save for a letter. " Dear Clogs, A strange red-haired scientist popped out of my warp pipe. She asked me to come to her world to reserect her master, illas, to take over the a new kingdom. Can you believe it, Mario? I discovered a new kingdom filled with babes far hoter than Toadstool, and I plan to paint it red! Yes, you heard that. I'm THROUGH with Peach and you damned clodhoppers!  I will now be ruler of a new world. It's like that one time where I tried to blow up the Brookyln Bridge, accept, U CAN'T STOP ME! HAHAHA!
Yours Truely, Koopa (King Koopa to you!)
P.S That scientist plans on enslaving this new kingdom's lord and her "Four Heavenly Knights", who are far sexier than you, Toadstool. Bye, Plumb Scum!"
The letter was far stranger than an alien sewer system, but I need to round up the gang and find that warp pipe, and fast! On a side note, I should bring cappy along. He would love this new Kingdom and his Odyssey airship will help with exploration.
Toadstool, Mario and Cappy, Luigi, and Toad entered the warp pipe to chase down the Koopa Troop. They, however, could not foresee the arrival of a foreign ruler.
A tyrant ruleing from the jungle of the Terrarian Island.
A/N: I'll also crossover with Annoymoosaga's Monster Girl Saga. Just imagine Laven, his girls, and all organisations and kingdoms in MGQ. Also, I'll jump between SMB x Monster Girl Saga and Terraria x MGQ. All sides will meet in the later chaps.
Chapter 1:
The Mario crew were flying high above the clouds in the Odyssey.
"Man, I sure did miss alot on you adventures with my bro!" Luigi says to Cappy
"Dinosaurs, Dragons, Modern Day Cities, Japanese Fortresses, and Peach dumping Mario on the Moon!"
" Luigi, please clog that pipe of yours." Mario moaned while Peach giggled to herself.
"Don't fret Luigi! I'm sure this new kingdom would bring many suprises!" Cappy reasured.
" And, we need to beat Koopa and save whoever is this world's lord. I've brought my weapons just for this ouccasion." Peach added, cocking her Boomshot.
"Hey, Cappy where exactly are we? We better not be as lost as the lost mushroom." Toad asked.
"Don't worry Toad. I tweaked the map so it shows every kingdom in this world. Let me check real quick."
Cappy opens the door and enter the balcony.
" Man, this view is just amazing. This is aready such a beautiful world!" Cappy thought.
After studying the globe, he returns inside.
" Okay guys. We've currently at the air space of Perrsolis, the Holy Kingdom. It's a massive city like New Donk, but it's stuck in the dark ages! Exploring there would be like time travel! The place is run by these people part of some sort of Concil."
" Oooh, Yoshi would like Perrsolis. Yoshi and friends should meet Concil!" Yoshi added.
"The place, sadly, has some troubles. Two other kingdoms have broken away from Perrsolis, and their are high tensions. War is immemant."
"We've delt with war, my hat-like friend. Remember Romeo and Juilet, Princess?" Mario asked.
"Thier parents got in a huge feud, but we settled it before things got messy." Toadstool said with a chuckle.
" Impressive, Princess! Mario, should we land the Odyssey?"
"Of course! We gotta stop that war!"
"Yeah!" Everyone shouted.
The Odyssey desended down to Perrsolis.
The Grand Concil held a meeting about the situation of Yaleria

"Treasonous scum!" Zerin shouts. " Yaleria promised not to destroy the Blightkeep, and they do it anyway! Now it's a filthy undead haven, all thanks to that blasted..."
"Enough, Zerin. We get it." Ol'een calmly spoke.
Zerin quietly moans to himself.
" Should we attack Yaleria, Ol'een?" Umpher asked.
"It's no use. The undead will corrupt all our forces and are far to strong for man."
" Umpher, I can easily sneak in and assassinate the Maidens with my disquises." Blue offered.
"Plus, I get to meet Greenie again! I wonder how she feels being responsible for..."
Red was cut off.
"Don't you dare talk about her!" Zerin snaps.
"Zerin, your silenced." Ol'een says calmly once more.
Zerin quiets himself, silently cursing.
"Ol'een, our only other option is the Holy See" Umpher said.
"Well, when push comes to shove, you shove harder." Ol'een said with a subtle chuckle.
A thunderous crash echoes inside the building.
"What was that!?" Ol'een breaks his calm mannor.
" An attack! Lets go Blue!" Ref excitedly, dashing out with Blue.
"Hey! Brashness is not what you girls specialize in!" Umpher says, the second to break the formal mood. She follows the assassins, along with a silent Zerin.
Ol'een sighes. "Guess I have to follow..."
The Mario crew exited the Odyssey after the crash.

" Come on, Luigi! The Odyssey was banged up enough while crashing Bowser's wedding!" Cappy lamented.
"Mama mia, I'm more sorry than serving undercooked spaghetti! I'm sure it controls like a go kart!" Luigi responded.
"Calm down guys. It's not that damaged." Mario assured.
"Yoshi feels scared! Strange clothed people are staring at Yoshi and pals!" Yoshi points out.
The gang finally observes their surroundings, and realize they are in a very strange world.
Medieval buildings surround the area, while the one they landed by us far more formal. A crowd of citizens form, backing away from the Mario crew.
" These fellows looks like medieval New Donkers" Mario whispered to Cappy.
"We should introduce ourselves." Cappy said.
Before they could start, two monsters ran out of the formal building.
"Whoa. These strangers did not come from here. Look at those ridiculous clothes! And is that a ghosty cap floaty by that small dude?" Blue said.
" And look at their transportation! It's a giant top hot hat! Don't know what it is, but I wanna ride!" Red said excitedly.
Peach looked like she was ready to pass out.
"Goodness, you strangers! You two look like you stepped outta an enroge game I caught Larry playing! And is that a... vagina sticking outta your tail?!" Peach pointed towards Red.
" Your acting really informal for a such a regal figure." Red retorted. "And who is Larry and an "eroge game"?
" Larry's just a foe from our world." Mario said.
" Trust me, you don't want to know what an eroge is." Toad added. " It's just as nasty as the koopalings.
"Koopalings?" Red and Blue said.
"Friends, pals, and citizens of Porrelis I will explain the mushroom kingdom and myself to this amazing kingdom." Cappy said.
Cappy explained his world to the mantecore and doppelganger.
"So, you guys come from the "Mushroom Kingdom" and want to capture "Bowser Koopa" right?" Blue asked.
" Yes, and I'm the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and me and my retainers want to solve your problems." Toadstool said.
"Nice! We've need all the help we need, especially with Yaleria" Red said.
Toadstool and Red shake hands. The crowd calms down after this interaction and starts meeting and greeting the Mario crew. The crowd quickly clears the way for the Grand Concil members that charge through.
"Ah, so you guys must be the Grand Concil. You have my respect." Cappy bows down.
The rest of the Mario crew follow.
"Red! Blue! are these foes?" Umpher demands.
"Don't worry boss. These guys may have come out of nowhere like Greenie's man, but they want to help us with Yaleria." Red reported.
"You take orders from this hag?!" Toad said.
"Toad!" The Mario Crew shouted in unison.
"I excuse that... thing's snide comment" Umpher said.
"Never heard of a toad before, old geyser?" Toad said.
" Looks like we need to explain ourselves..." Red said with a jovial laugh.
One long explanation later...

"You guys are assassins? That's as cool as a deep freezed ice cream!" Toad complimented.
"High five!"
" You smack our hands together"
Toad jumps up to hive-five Red and Blue.
"Man, I like this high-five! We should do this more often!"
The two high-five again.
"Princess Toadstool, may I speak with you?" Ol'een says.
"I have a simple request: bring Laven and the Undead Maidens to me."
"I'm sorry Ol'een, I don't know who your talking about."
"Laven is another stranger to this world. He is surrounded by monsters of the likes of Red and Blue. He and his girls have caused great troubles for us."
Zerin gnashed his teeth.
"His most damaging feat is destroying the Blightwall, a magical seal keeping the undeath out of Yaleria."
"Like zombies?"
"That's one way of putting it. Yaleria's rightfull ruler, Count Araon, has been dethroned by three powerful undead, called the Undead Maidens. The living everwhere is being truned into undead thanks to those three."
"Crap... it most be a zombie apocalypse there."
"Another way your deizens put it. You can put a stop to this madness if you bring those three, plus Laven."
" Mario, ready the Odyssey. Straight to Yaleria!" Toadstool orders.
" And kick some zombie ass!" Toad said.
The crew walked into the Odyssey.
"Wait! Me and blue want in!"
"Anyone is allowed on the Odyssey." Cappy said.
Red and Blue walk up the Odyssey's ramp.
"Ghostly spector? May I board your ship? I've have a bone to pick with Laven." Zerin asks.
"Of course, Zerin." Says Cappy.
The Odyssey flys up in the air, cheered on by the crowd.
Chapter 2

" This airship is far, far ahead of anything we've got at the capital!" Red said as they flew for Yaleria.
"Quite advanced in deed, Red." Blue said.
" It's been through many ups and downs." Cappy said.
"What's the battle plan, spector?" Zerin asked.
"The Odyssey is already approaching the site. We'll discuss when we land." said  Cappy.
Cappy's airship lands on a snowy hill, with a slope leading to a chapel.
"It's just like Shiveria, Cappy." Mario says as he walks out.
"Yeah, a zombie infested Shiveria" Toad adds.
"We should hide behind the airship." Blue suggests, walking behind the Odyssey.
"Good idea... but this is a giant red top hat in the snow! We'll be derected!" Red says.
Cappy flys inside the Odyssey and it turns invisible.
"What kind of magicery is this!?" Zerin says.
"Does it really matter? Cover is always nice for the Arc Assassins." Blue says.
Zerin silently curses at the doppelganger.
"Toad, Gimme the binoculars." Mario asks.
Toad hands over a pair of binoculars.
"Finally something similar to our world." Zerin silently said.
Mario stares through a stained glass window.
"Okay... I see two very pale people, on in a cocktail dress and the other in a cloak."
"The maidens!" Zerin shouts.
Everyone shushes him, much to his displeasure.
"6 figures are bowing down to the zombies. One... hey! is that a New Donker down there?"
"That's Laven." Zerin says.
"He has 5 other monsters with him. Man, that winged one reminds me of my times in Fossil Falls!"
"Mario, I got a battle plan."
"Well, what is it?" Zerin eagerly inquired.
"Simple." Cappy said, transforming into Mario's iconic cap.
Mario throws Cappy straight for the winged monster.
Laven's POV:
Hylia and Madae requested me to the Chapel. Now that I've fully recovered from my battles with Nerick and V, I can go see what the fuss is.
When my girls and I arrive, we all rightfully bow. These undead were the rightfull rulers of Yaleria.
"Laven. You and your girls showed incredible determination destroying the Blightkeep and united Yaleria. You six will allways be known as Yaleria's greatest heroes, and can roam here as you please." Hyria said a little stoically.
"I can't really stay here." I politely said.
"Why? This place is gorgeous!"
The wight now sounded like a high schooler.
"Sorry. I have to get to the freeports to explore further. I have a mystery to solve."
"Good luck with your success. You are now excused." Hyria said.
I was about to leave the Church, but things quickly went downhill.
A red cap with a white "M" came crashing throw the stain glass, and landed squarely on Chris's head.
"This cap has some heroic vibes going with it," Chris said. "But I'll stick with my scarf, of JUSTICE!"
Suddenly, an small, italian plumber crashed throw the aready banged up glass, barreling straight for Chris.
Chris grabs this man with one of her clawed arms. The man stares straight at Chris's massive knockers, with a mischievous smile.
"You must be a very strange hero..." Chris said with nervous laugh.
"And you are as rotten as moldy pasta!" The man shouts.
That line confirmed that the man doesn't originate here. I'm never heard of pasta in these lands, and the only place where I heard about Italian foods is... The United States of America. My home. Could he bring me home?
"Whoa, you got it all wrong! I'm cleary the hero here and your barging in on a private meeting! Clearly the actions of a villian. What even is past..."
Her line was cut short.
The man turned into many pixels and flew straight towards her. Chris reflexively closed her eyes. When she opens them, they are not her eyes. Her eyes are the same color as the plumber, bright blue. Finally, a goofy mustache appeared under her nose. The same as her attacker. I already knew what happened: Chris got possessed.
Everyone, Rose, Minte, Susan, Madae, and Hyria were cleary frightened, and rightfully. Wyverns are practically indestructible considering the technology available in these lands. Ba'el? She actually looked impressed, but I could detect a hint of fear in her eyes.
"That's impressive for that fatso of a man," Ba'elcommented, " Even demons can't do that possestion the Church excuses us of."
"Stay focused at the situation. This attacker, somehow, captured a wyverns body and is using it for his own gaim." Susan warned.
Chris started squeezing her breasts.
"These boobies are far more impressive than Toadstool's!" She said.
Yep. The Chris I know has been captured by a perv. Everyones' mouths were agape, too. Chris would never ecknowledge her breast side. Ba'el has already claimed that job, and is already laughing.
"That hat is not normal!" Susan said. "I sense energy radiating out of it. We need to get it of Chris!"
"Got it!" Rose said, drawing her sword.
The possessed Chris goes through the glass window once more, finally shattering it. She flys high up into the air.
"Dammit! That man knows stragety." Rose exclaims, reshething her sword.
Mintie's antenna droop disappointedly also.
The two were right: No way could swords hit an airborne monster. Hyria's claws were also useless in this situation. Only Susan, Ba'el, and Madae could possibly hit the wyvern, and even then, she can easily burn them to a fine crisp.
"After that rogue wyvern!" Hyria commands for me.
Ba'el, Susan, and Madae jump through the shattered window. I could only sit in the Church room and watch.
Third Person:
"Yoshi spys three monsters!" Yoshi says.
"They all look as skilled as Kamek when it comes to magic." Luigi says.
"Well, what are we waiting for? We need to be Toad Warriors!" Toad said, getting his sack of vegetables.
Toad runs right out into the battlefield.
"Toad, wait!" Peach follows.
"Me, too!"
"Yoshi, three!"
Yoshi, Luigi, and Peach speed towards the monster girls. Zerin also joins in.
"Come one, Blue!" Red moans, being restrained by Blue.
"No, assassins don't fight battles. We silently kill" Blue says.
"I guess your right." Red says.
The two could only watch the gang fight.
"poop. That plumber is to agile!" Ba'el complained after missing yet again.
"He has full master of a wyvern's flight already?!" Susan moaned. "This will be on hell of a..."
"MUSHROOM POWER!!" Toad shouted.
The monsters turned to face an air born Toad.
"What the fu-" Ba'el was cut off as Toad landed right on her head,the force making her face plant.
"Hehehehe!" Toad tauted Ba'el.
Susan readys her staff and Toad pulls out, vegetables.
"Big words coming from someone who brings foods to fights!" Susan cockily spat.
"Eat this mutt!"
"Mutt?, how dare-"
Toad throws a turnip at Susan's face, with the same power as a brick. Susan falls to the ground as well.
"What strange vegetables are those?"
"Turnips plucked fresh from the Mushroom Kingdom."
"Mushroom Kingdom?"
"Oh, it's just a place you bad guys don't know about."
"Bad guys? Have you been brainwashed by the Concil."
"Brainwashed? If anything, you've been brainwashed by the zombies Laven raised."
All three monsters ceased their fighting, and looked at Toad.
"How in the hell do you know about my man- er, boss?" Ba'el asked.
"Thanks to Zerin, Red, and Blue, we know all the troubles you and your 'man' causes for Perrsolis. It's a really beautiful place if you get to know it. Thanks to you suckers, however, the place will have to fight a war with Yaleria and Domdravica. And those stupid kingdoms want to destroy Perrisolis for absolutely no reason. Thankfully, me and Mario up there have stopped wars before, and we plan to do the same!"
Only three words rang in the monsters' minds: Zerin, Red, and Blue.
"I feel saddened that you work with such evils in the world." Madae says.
"Zerin!?!? you work with that phycopath!?" Susan shouted.
Ba'el summons her scythe from a demonic portal.
"You will not capture us, punk." She says in a rather warped voice.
"Jesus Christ! You are an hentai character and Dark Souls boss rolled into one!" Toad replied.
Ba'el stopped her approach to ponder on what is "hentai" and "Dark Souls" is.
It was all the time Toadstool needed.
She floated right between Toad and Ba'el and cocked her Boomshot.
"Leave my retainer alone." She says sternly.
Ba'el doesn't comply and continue charging for the Princesss.
"Stop Ba'el! You don't know what that foreign wea-"
Susan's warning wasn't fast enough.
Toadstool fired the gun, shooting many streaks of blue at the demon. Ba'el is frozen completely solid.
Chris also finally falls from the sky, not from magic, but exhaution. She lands, unconscious, with a loud thud, while Mario lands on his feet. The impact would've shattered a human's feet, but Mario was perfectly intact.
Luigi and Yoshi finally arrive to battle, but everything is settled.
Madae and Susan adibly gasp.
Laven, Rose, Mintie, and Hyria race to the scene from the broken window.
My first warning that something was wrong was a loud bang. That sounded way too much like a shotgun for it to be magic. I quickly rushed to the field, along with the remaining girls.
What I found was horrible, to say the least.
Ba'el was frozen in a block of ice and a yellow haired Princess was standing next yo her. Her  weapon looked like an oversized shotgun. She must've frozen Ba'el.
Chris is laying on the ground, knocked out. The plumber is standing next to her, and his red cap now has these goofy, cartoonish eyes.
Susan and even the Lich looked horrified.
I really lit in with the Princess.
"What in the hell did you do to Ba'el!?" I shout.
"Mama mia! He looks just like a New Donker" The plumber says.
"A vety salty one." The Princess says.
New Donker? Do they live in some sort of parody of NY? Nevermind, I got to focus on the situation at hand.
"Again, what did you do yo the demon?" I ask.
"She attempted to slay my retainer, so I reacted accordingly."
"And Laven, she was acting just like a Dark Souls monster!" The fungus said.
How does that mushroom know my name? No, how could it know about Dark Souls? I got to test it's knowledge on my home.
"What's the capital of the United States?"
All the girls are giving me quizzical looks. The only ones that don't look quizzical is the strangers.
"Washington D.C" the mushroom responds.
"What's Dark Souls?"
"An action RPG filled with growtesk demons and difficulty."
"What's the United States?"
"A country made up off 50 states. Want me to recite them?"
"How do you guys know my name?"
The green dinosaur the lanky plumber was on spoke up.
"Yoshi and pals made friends with Zerin, Red, and Blue!"
 Zerin?! That explains why these strangers are hunting me down. The inquisitor got himself more people to do his work for him. I don't know who "Red" and "Blue" is, but from the way Minite's attenna twiched, they are no good.
"Zerin said you meanies caused the Grand Concil much trouble. Yoshi thinks Zerin is holding a grude against the green one. Umpher and Ol'een told Yoshi and pals to bring you guys to him and her. Yoshi thinks old one really wants Dark Souls demon.
Yep, it's confirmed.
These strangers want me, my girls, and the Maidens. Also, how could Umpher agree to this? She promised she would leave m along, but goes back on her word when these guilble people land at her doorstep.
"Look! Yoshi's new friend is coming!"
Me and my girls look at the hill.
Zerin is approaching.
The princess cocks her shotgun and aims it for Hyria. "If you excuse me, I'll have to freeze you too."
Big mistake.
Madae's hands and Susan's tatooes start glowing brightly. Yes! They're charging up their spells!
Unfortunately, the lanky plumber caches wind.
"Yoshi, the tongue!"
The dinosaur shoots out a tongue at Madae, and sticks to her body. She screams in horror as Yoshi pulls her into it's mouth. The dinosaur swallows her in one, grossly audible gulp. The dinosaur craps out the lich, in the form of an egg.
Minite and Rose rush for Yoshi with thier weapons out, but the dinosaur wraps both in it's tongue. They are both devoured and turned into eggs.
"Delicous!" the dinosaur exclaims.
Things are really getting dire here. 3 of the girls are in eggs, 1 is K.Oed, another is a squishy wizardd, and Hyria is not a fighter.
The princess fires her shotgun at Shoshanna, incapitating yet another girl.
The only ones who can fight is Hyria and I.
The wight charges for the foreign princess, with the same results as Susan.
I'm the only one left.
And, of course, Zerin chooses this time to make his appearance. He was the most smug and conceited expression on his face.
The only chance I have is to awake Chris, but there is only one method I know that can wake her up.
I, *sigh*, squeeze her breasts.
The strangers and Zeref start giggling.
Chris thankfully snapps awake, blushing madly.
"Ohh Laven..."
"Chris! Zerin is here!"
"Got it!"
Chris warps into a far more monsterous form, more akin to traditional dragons.
"Holy ravioli! It's just like that one episode with Koopazila!" the lanky plumber said.
"No time for breaking the fourth wall, Luigi, we have to split!" The smaller plumber said.
The strangers and Zerin high tail it the top of the hill, where a giant red top hat reveals itself. They pile into it, along with two other monsters hiding behind it. Mintie silently groans when those two show themselves. I'll have to ask later.
The hat flys high above the clouds, finally outmof our hair.
you do not know the way
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
[Image: kEmLf7x.gif]
Chapter 3

Far away from the man contient is the island of Terraria. A place filled with adventure and secrets. Its inhabitants freely cross across its many bioms, but many don't dare wander into the Jungle, as its owned by a tyrant. The Jungle has its fair share of unlawful kings and queens, but none is worse than the current ruler, Jungle Tyrant Yhirm. He rules from the Jungle Temple, a complex filled with traps and his monsterous cohorts. Three, however, have become infamous among the island. Calamitias, the Devourer of Gods, and Yharon. The tyrant is practically untouchable 'cause off those three. One, however, opens up a new world for the tyrant. A new world to take over.

The Devourer of Gods was floating around in its pocket demension, very bored.
"That tyrants becoming so dangerous, humans are not fighting him. Good for him, but he pronised me food! Maybe I should go lone. Sure, I promised him I'd service him to his death, but he sure isn't holding up his side of the deal. And you never, NEVER break a deal with a godslayer!"
He told a beat.
"Aha! I should go on another raid! I just love those humans' reaction when they see ME interupt their worthless lives."
The d.o.g teared open a portal and flew through it. The cosmis worm didn't know where it would bring the worm.
"Life sure has became more easy on harpies since Luka killed illas!" The Harpy Queen said.
"Our numbers are higher than ever! Nothing can defeat the harpies!"
Screams erupted al over the village.
"Crap... Must be more of those stubborn illas fanatics." The Harpy Queen cursed.
When she exited her treehouse, however, she could not prepare for the horrors that befell on her village.
A giant cystic worm flying through the air, devouring Harpies everywhere.
"Strange that you harpies live so close to the ground, but nevermind. Its dinnertime for me!" It snidly spoke.
"I need to warn Alice. Its no use if I get eaten." the harpy queen said before flying away.
After eating all its inhabitants, the worms spots the harpy queen.
"I'll let you live, chicken." the worm said. "Your kind make for a great snack!"
The harpy just flew faster. "I got to warn Luka..."
The worm teared back into its private space.
"Delicious! Those harpies strangely don't put up much fight... But if its an easy kill, then its goin' in my stomach!"
The Devourer felt an awful feeling in its belly.
"What the hell was in those harpies? I don't like this... GAH!
The worm didn't know that the harpies he attacked are filled with a special energy.
Demonic energy. The energy that their monsterkind into more human human forms.
Blinding shined on the Devourer. When he could see he- er, she could see that something was very wrong.
The Devourer could see two human-like claws instead of its mandibles. The worm had two feet covered in crystal boots. She still had her mace-like tail, except it was protruding above her buttocks. Her body was far more femine, with more of those cybernetic crystals covering it. 

"What the hell did those... my voice!" The worm said in a feminine tone.
"Those harpies did not come from Terraria! I must've been in a new world..." A wicked smile grew on her face, "filled with food..."
"I gotta tell the boss!"
The Devourer tears open another portal.
"If my body works like before, then I can live with this." She says before walking in.
Yhirim and his dragon were lying in the throne room.
"This feels very wrong, my pet." Yhirim says. " I can't be a tyrant without any rebels to torture, lifes to ruin, and dreams to crush. I could use a new world to start another tyranny."
"Master, where can we find a new world?"
"That purple worm can jump between dimensions without trouble. I should call her."
A purple portal opens up, and the Devourer jumps out.
"First, its Jungle Tyrant Yhirrrrim. Next, what the hell happened to you!" Yhirim
"Yhirim, I found a new world. I suspect its filled with these humaniod monsters like what happened to me, but here's the catch: they are not fighters."
"Good work, worm. It's easy to unlawfuly rule over a peaceful race. That world will be mine! hahahahahaha!"
"Yharon, go get the monsters and Calamitas. We've got a tyranny to start!"
" I will not fail you, master." Yharon says to before running off.
The devourer opens up a portal.
"It's right here, Yhirim. I'll come back when you assemble the attack force." The worm says before walking off.
Yhirim's forces land in heavily forested mountain area.
"Looks like luck is own our side once more. This forest is the perfect area to build another complex!" Yhirim.
A lizardman walks up to him.
"Jungle Tyrant Yhirrrrim to you!"
"...I'll return back through the portal for supplies."
"Good. I want a half decent conplex up by a week."
"A week? That's very a very short time for a temple."
"I DON'T CARE! I want a fortress now! NOW NOW NOW!
All the Lizardman scramble into the portal.
"Master, what will we do in the meantime?" Yharon said.
"Calamtias, Worm, and my pet. You three explore these lands in search of nearby kingdoms. I need a place to turn upside-down, and fast!"
The three leave the scene.
The monsters walk north through the forest.
"He sent me to do the scouting? I'm a giant wooden eye!" Calamitias moaned.
"Don't you dare question the master's intellect!" Yharon said.
"Quit that bickering! It should happen now." the Devourer said with a sly smile.
Before the two could respond, both are enveloped in a pure white light. When it clears, the too are in far more human forms.
"Right one cue." the worm says witha chuckle.
" What a strange world we're in..." Yharon said.
"My looks remind me off times before him... I could get used to this!" Calamitias said.
"And I can still feel that destructive flame in body." Yharon mumbled.
"Amazing, right? The boss had to make the fortress large to fit our bodies, but now were far more compact! With all the same abilities!" The Devourer said with a laugh.
"Look, a sign." Calamitias said. "It reads, 'Domdravica, 10 miles ahead'"
"A city! That means food, and lots of it!" The worm said.
"Lets report back." Yharon says.
The three walk back to camp.

The Lizardmen set up a respectible fortress by the time the three got back. It looks like some temple for a Jungle God on the outside, but in the inside lurks an underground fortress.
"Master! A city called Domedravica is around 10 miles from here!" Yharon reported to her resting master.
"You have fell to this world's strange rules, I see. My Lizardmen have taken more feminine forms as well" Yhirim says with a sigh.
"I'll happily burn ut down if you ask." Calamitias says excitedly.
"Sorry, Calamitias. Domedravica sounds like a place inhabited by lizardmen. I'm sure I can sneak in my druids, so they can build a fortress right under the city. From there, I'll amass a massive attack force to take down the ruler and paint the twon red"
"Sound just as fun!" Calamitias said.
"I already sent the druids, so we can just wait."
"No devouring humans?" Devourer said.
"Of course no! We wait."
"Sounds real fun, boss." Devourer said sarcastically before entering her demension
Calamitias and Yharon enter the temple to explore.
"Those lizardmen better hury up. I need to get my torture fix!" Yhirim thought.
Chapter 4
Laven's POV:
Me and my girls are going to Domedravica. Umpher has clearly broken the treaty, and I need to warn Violetta about this. Chris is also dieing to meet her homeland. Those strangers working with Zerin are so... strange. How could they know so much about my home and its trends? That plumber's cap scares me the most. He possessed Chris and nearly burned everyone to the ground. I need to be very wary of that gang.

When we arrive at the gate, I see around sixteen other lizardmen as well. Their attire is rather strange, plain brown robes. Ba'el and Susan are staring hardly at the monsters, probably picking up magical energies. But lizardmen are usually more physical fighters, right?
Susan speaks to one Lizardman, who seems like an authority figure to the pack.
"Why does magic course through your body?" She asked.
The lizardman seemed started at this, but quickly regains her haughty composure.
"We particular lizardmen extensively studied magic to round ourselves out for combat." She says quickly.
"That's quite smart of you! Trying to prepare for any opponent, I like that!" Rose says.
Rose gives the Lizardman a handshake, but she quickly lets go.
"W-We're late for a meeting inside Domedravica." She says.
"Go right on ahead!" Rose says.
The 16 Lizardmen continue forth, moving noticible faster.
"Those are some seedy characters right there. They could be bandits, trying to attack the homeland of a wyvern of JUSTICE." Chris says.
"Chris, we've got to warn Violetta first" I say.
"Your right. Violetta awaits!"
"Did... you seriously parodied my catchphrase?" Rose said.
"It's not like its trademarked."
"You don't steal catchphrases!"
The two quickly get into a brawl.
I just sigh at this petty brawl.

We finally arrive at the castle's gate. Two off Chris's fellow knights stand guard.
"It's about time we've seen you again!" One says.
"No time. I have news of the upmost importance." Chris says.
The knights salute, and open up the door.
"You may pass, Lietenit Chris."
We walk inside, and Violetta immediately spots me. Crap...
"Laven!" She says as if her boyfriend met her after a hundred years. "Your finally back here again!"
I'm short and blunt to shut her up.
"Umpher broke the treaty."
She makes a heel-face turn.
"When did Umpher attack?"
"She sent a band of mercenaries to capture me and the rulers of Yaleria."
What? Did you think I'm telling her that I was attacked by two plumbers, a dinosaur, a shotgun toting princess, animated mushrooms, and hat ghost commanding a top hat airship?
The dragon grows very stern, very fast.
"Humans. Always betraying and backstabing others. I'll round up the knights to reclaim Domedravica." she spat.
"Do yoy agree, Chris?"
"I agree"
"Report here by midnight." Violetta orders.
"I will, Queen Violetta"
"In the meantime, you should explore your hometown."
"Yeah!" Chris says, running through the door without us.
"Wait up, thunder tits!" Ba'el says as she chases her.
We finally got a chance to relax after that mess in Yaleria. I was about to stroll by a building, but Mintie shushed us and pointed around the building's corner.
We quickly hide around the corner, awaiting whoever Mintie spotted.
The person was one of those skeevy lizardmen from before, excep she was wearing a druid's mask. In her hand was a large spear so green that it looked organic. Near the head of the spear was some sort of bush spewing spores.
"Susan, have you heard of reptilian witch docters?"
"Laven, I just as shocked as you."
No... this cannot be another foreigner. Our last experience with foreigners gone horribly.
When the lizardman walks into the building, we pounce.
The building was empty.
" I knew there was something funky about those lizards!" Chris said.
"I need to get Violetta and..."
She was cut short as she stepped on a pressure plate. That piece of flooring look identical to the rest of the flooring, and Ba'el and Susan's faces agreed. The floor quickly moves away, leaving behind a giant hole we all fall down in.
When I awake, I find myself in a dark cave mouth. Dark orange bricks line its surface, with jungly shrubs everywhere. Idols of lizards are everywhere, and torches keep the place bright. What caght my eye was these large stautes of a man covered in gold armor, with a red puff on his helmet. If the Lizardmen created this place, then those statues must represent their master.
Another foreigner.
"These lizardmen are very fast workers to build themselves a temple and that sinkhole." Chris said. "But none of that will block the hamer of JUS-"
She stepps on another pressure plate. Why are Susan and Ba'el not pointing this out?
"Susan, Ba'el say something! Chris is triggering traps left and right!"
"Stop bitching! We're trying!" Ba'el shouted.
"The pressure plates completely blend with the flooring. They've mastered the art of traps!" Susan added.
Echoy footsteps and angry shouting comes from ahead. Great. Chris triggered an alarm.
"We've gotta get out of here!" Rose said, and ran though a hallway to my right. The girls and I follow, but immediately stop.
A light blue, crystalline claw is wrapped around Rose's chin. A woman fully armored in these crystals is staring at her, very hungrily. I could tell that she is not human, that abnormal pink hair, crystalline horns, that mace of a tail, and most terrifying of all, two eyes with very small irises; the sign of a very disturbed person.
"Look who just happened to stumble in my base, she said sadistically, a very energic woman. I feel your amazing power. I must devour it."
Roses eye were clentched in pain as the monster took her free claw and ran it straight down her stomach. She was screaming in complete agony, as if the monster was setting her on fire. But she can swim in lava, how can she burn?
The monster catches sight of Ba'el and Susan, and drops Rose. I can now see why she was in so much pain; an absolutely viscous claw shaped cut was on her stomach. Purple flames were burning on here stomach.
"Golly, you two bring back memories." the purple monster said. "I can sense incredible magic coursing through your veins, not unlike of two magical people I devoured. It will be mine!"
"Y-You copy the powers of the people you devour?" Susan asks.
"Just another quirk of an armored digger. I have devoured many, many Gods from my land. Just one god from Terraria remains: Providence, The Profaned God. That sly God can skillfully hind her magic that I seek, but I've found an easier target with lots of magic; you and that lamb."
That monster is dumping a lot of information. Arnored digger may be some sort of monster girl species, but everythinh else makes no sense.
"I have no idea who you are and this Profaned God is, fiend, but I don't stand for senseless pain caused to my allies! Prepare to die!"
Her tatoos glow a crimson shade of red.
The monster, however, is laughing uncontrollably.
"Give me a break! I slew Gods on a regular basis so don't bother!"
What happens next is unbelievable. One second, Susan is absolutely furious at the monster.
Another, she on the floor, bleeding out from the same wound as Rose's.
Susan is screaming as well.
The monster's laughter increases. "Good luck recovering from that, mutt! I'm the Devourer of Gods, so don't even try!"
Everyone still standing is absolutely panicing. Full out sweating, chattering teeth, everything.
"Scatter!" Ba'el shouts.
We fall back, only to bump into the six-teen Lizardmen. They traded out their robes for shaman masks and clothing. They are holding strange sabers made out of three stalks of the organic metal.
"Let them flee." the digger says.
"Why?" a Lizard says.
"I just want them to have a chance to reconsider their life choices, such as attacking a freakin' God-Eater!"
If there is something noteworthy of this worm, its her snideness.
The worm tosses Rose and Susan to us.
"Scram, insects. Or next time, you will be squashed like 'em!" She snarks again.
We run like hell, with the armored diggers voice echoing through the halls.
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