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Test Server Update - 8
I've mad some small adjustments to the /level command, tidied it up a little so that it doesn't say you need to negitive Exp when you're alreasy past the level you're checking for.

In addition to this, I've added high scores for levels as well Smile

Edit: Fixed the bug with not leveling up, also added Staff support for lvling, although there are no VIP or Mods on the test server yet.
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I'll let the screenshot talkSadignore that update >.>)
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2013 player.
Lucas is ma only bb.
(10-02-2017, 08:41 AM)lighty Wrote: I'll let the screenshot talkSadignore that update >.>)

Hmmmm. YEP

Broken AF

At work atm, I'll check it out later.

It's broken because I tried to add level up support for VIP and Staff accounts. T_T
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Can i volunteer to be mod on test server if u want to
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Love Your Self meow meow !!
whats with your health lmfao

[Image: hqzJFLW.png]
(10-06-2017, 10:16 AM)Philly Wrote: whats with your health lmfao

Feature Smile
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