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Guild : Phantom Instinct
I know guilds a basically dead but here this 

[Image: DITv8RVVoAArN2f.jpg:large]

Welcome to my guild
Phantom Instinct
the guild is just a guild where players can do anything
the ranks are simple cause theres only three right now 

King and Queen and Princess

Stelorum(Papa bear)         Cathy_the_cat(Mama bear)          Pacifica

the second ranks
Vice leaders (players that are trusted in the guild)

intel and Lucifer Leader

Rank three 
this rank is members that just joined the guild and are working to get rank two
Shdaowsurfer, Navy, Noone12323, Village, jammer666, Bu97ch, ZATfiya, Benny, Crow, Punny2016, Lol kid
[Image: DIYZjm8VwAAzMO8.jpg]
I'd like to join but im in the killer guild with swaggy (lenny) all the best tho
Free cookie on our guild!!
[Image: tumblr_my2fslKdzF1sk1rjvo1_500.jpg]
Love Your Self meow meow !!
ight some new members have joined and the guild is getting bigger some people have gotten a upgrade to rank

new members
Jammer666, Bu97ch, ZATfiya, Benny, Lucifer Leader, Crow, Punny2016, Lol kid

new ranks
Lucifer Leader is now a vice leader (second rank)

Pacifica is now in charge of guild (with me and cathy the cat) with her rank being Princess
[Image: DIYZjm8VwAAzMO8.jpg]

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