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VIP Winners - Panther - 02-11-2018

Gold VIP Winner: Smilekung

Silver VIP Winner: TitanOFthr

Copper VIP Winner: Rini

Thank you all so much for your support!

We hope you have fun here on Panther's Terraria Server!

Runner up winner for 250,000,000 soul shards is ProNinja1

Runner up winner for 100,000,000 soul shards is Gwaggy S

I'll be changing the way the voting and VIP is gone on the test server, so moving on from here I'll be stopping the VIP monthly draw until I've figured out how this will be managed. In short, you will be able to "Buy" VIP status in game using VIP tokens and the daily/monthly vote reward will be soul shards and/or VIP tokens.