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Test Server - Last Man Standing - Panther - 10-17-2017

Hey Guys Smile

I've finished (unless there are any bugs found) adding Last Man Standing to the test server, the new minigame.

This will essentially replace Bomberman, but a Bomberman arena will be added. 

Basically the idea is like team death match, but the winner is just the last person alive. Bomberman works like this, but this game type will open the doors for more type of arenas, like "Hunger Games" or Hide and Seek style game play.

I've only added a couple arenas for each game type for now, but will add more arenas once i've finished adding the other game times.

Still going to Add Team Death Match, Capture The Flag/Gem and Conquer. After this I'll look ad adding new game types/arenas/ect

Cya  Heart

RE: Test Server - Last Man Standing - Revolutionary - 10-17-2017

Nice, im looking forward to play this game